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With the start of the holiday season, a lot of Bearcats and other people are going to be traveling home. But, it seems like a lot of drivers have forgotten the rules of driving or thrown the book out the window and need a reminder of how driving on a highway works.

If you are driving on a multilane highway there are usually at least two lanes. Contrary to popular belief, the left lane isn’t just for speeding, but also for passing which means instead of tailgating someone going the speed limit in the right lane you should pass them.

This also means that if you are a slow driver you should avoid the left lane and overall you should just avoid driving for long periods of time in this lane. Not only does it prevent people from passing, you could wind up with a ticket for hogging the left lane.

Also, when you are passing someone or merging into a lane remember your car has this handy dandy thing called a blinker or a turn signal that lets drivers know you are trying to get over.

You should use your blinker because I am not a mind reader, just a sleep-deprived college student running on way too much caffeine with not the best reflexes, and when you merge into my lane without fair warning, you're really testing those reflexes.

Now if you are driving on a two-lane highway at night there is no need to ride the person in front of you. Not everyone is used to these smaller, winding highways and I for one know that I’d rather go the speed limit and stay on the road instead of flying off some unseen curve.

Also, these smaller highways are usually flanked by woods, which gives the perfect opportunity for some crazed, suicidal deer to run out into the road.

If you're tailgating me and I have to slam on the brake to avoid hitting Bambi’s mother you're going to get a lovely view of the inside of my trunk and neither of us is going to make it to our destination on time.

Getting to your destination five minutes quicker is not going to change anything. Driving recklessly could cause serious harm to you and/or other drivers. Instead, take the time to assess your surroundings and be aware. Everyone is trying to get somewhere and we’d all like to make it in one piece.

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