SAC Open House

Students interested in the Student Activities Council Northwest Traditions committee gather around Director of Northwest Traditions Brady Netzel to learn about upcoming events this semester. SAC committees held discussions during the SAC Open House Thursday, Jan. 23 in the J. W. Jones Student Union.

The Student Activities Council is starting the year off with a new slogan: “New year, new SAC.” This new SAC had its first Open House meeting was Jan. 23 in the Towerview Room at the J.W. Jones Student Union.

Junior Hannah Lucas, vice president of SAC, explained how meetings were run in the past.

“We’d always get to the meeting, say a few words and then break into sections,” Lucas said. “This year we’ll do a presentation and then break into committees.”

Junior Kyle Harris, president of SAC, said that the new SAC will be focusing on professionalism. He said that as a freshman, he felt that he should have been more involved on campus, and SAC was perfect for him.

“It offers a lot of opportunities,” Harris said. “You are able to practice skills in a real-world environment.”

Harris further explained that many majors require students to be involved with an internship. SAC offers certain opportunities to complete those requirements.

“If you have a finance degree, you can do finances for SAC. If you have a design degree, you can design things for SAC,” Harris said.

SAC is composed of many different committees. These committees plan special events for campus, traditional events, concerts and more. These events include the yearly Flowergram, Grocery Bingo and the Blackbear concert that took place Nov. 9.

“There is a NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) conference every year in February,” Lucas said. “It’s where we can meet with performers, meet their managers and give them our email.”

With this information, polls are created for the various committees in SAC to be voted on. Students are encouraged to be involved in SAC in order to vote on these events.

“There is never a bad time to start SAC,” Harris said. He further explained that both he and Lucas joined spring of their freshmen year.

Harris began with the position of director of lecture and then went on to become president.

“I was committed and wanted to be more involved with SAC,” Harris said. “So I became president.”

In order to promote for SAC, Lucas is constantly wearing a SAC T-shirt. SAC has an information table and other events at the Union to promote themselves.

Students are able to help with any event and are able to join any committee and however many they wish in SAC.

Lucas explained that anyone can be involved with SAC. All students need to do is apply for positions and receive an interview with the board, except for the position of the president. In order to be president of SAC, students need to be the head of one of the committees for a term and then apply on the SAC website.

“We will be looking to fill the position of director of concert in the next month of next semester,” Harris said. Harris further explains that the next concert will not be until Spring of 2021.

In the next month, SAC will be featuring the yearly Flowergram and Step Afrika!.

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