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Can Mother Nature make up her dang mind already? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it being 60 degrees and sunny, but in November? Really, bruh?

I’m tired of waking up in the morning and putting on sweatpants and a jacket just to feel like I have been spending time in a sauna walking outside in the afternoon. It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when it feels like Mother Nature is up there watching “The Mandalorian” and putting the weather playlist on shuffle.

I know I live in the Midwest, and in the Midwest, weather is crazy. I have seen all the unfunny Facebook memes from boomers that I don’t need any more reminding. I just want something that appears remotely close to consistency.

We need some order up in this mug, cause picking my outfit in the morning feels like I have to choose which part of the day I’m going to be uncomfortable during.

Of course, I could just wear two outfits a day and do more laundry — heck no. I ain’t doing that. I’m not paying for twice the laundry sauce and doing twice the water to wash those outfits.

I just want the weather from day to day to appear to be a part of the same season; is that too much to ask?

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