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If you haven’t given much thought to how wonderful cows are, you should. Cows are just like people; they get emotional and happy and sad. That’s why I want to pet one. 

I had never had an interaction with a cow until last week when I got a lucky chance to stand 3 feet away from one. How does one go their whole life and not pet a cow? 

All I’m going to say is we should normalize petting cows. Think of all the farms you’ve passed and will pass in the four years you spend in Maryville. They have more cows than one person could need.

Sure, I might have stopped along the side of Highway 136 to gaze at a cow that wandered too close to the fence. But I’ve never had the courage to give the 1,600 pounds of fluff the love it wants. The vision of a farmer chasing me with his shotgun has stopped me every time. 

From what I’ve read, cows make great friends. Some even have best friends, and I want to be that best friend. I want to be able to stop my car and walk on over to ruffle the head of a little baby cow, maybe even have a photo shoot together, but I can’t morally bring myself to do it without the approval of the owner. Perhaps a sign stating, “Pet Our Cows!” would help.

So farmers, please let me meet your cows. I’ll bring hay and treats and maybe even Netflix. Imagine a movie night, hanging out in the cornfields with your cow bestie. The stars are shining; everything feels right. 

Now that I’ve got you hooked on wanting to pet cows, be sure to go meet one. Visit one of the many farms around Maryville, and maybe even give one a belly rub. I hope it will be a “moo-ving” experience.

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