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Student Activities Council announced the fall concert artist Sept. 23. Student Involvement Coordinator Drake Summers and SAC concert directors, sophomore Brianna Bales and junior Aleka Apodaca, made the announcement at 5 p.m. This year’s artist is blackbear.

Blackbear is best known for his song “Do Re Mi,” which has more than 300,000,000 listens on Spotify. He also co-wrote the hit song “Boyfriend” with Justin Bieber. 

SAC sent out a survey to all students at the start of the spring 2019 semester to find out what kind of concert they would like to see. Past performers include Hunter Hayes, Chase Rice, and Bazzi with a music festival featuring local artists.

Despite rumors of SAC attempting to get “Bad Guy” singer Billie Eilish, the student organization never reached out to Eilish’s representatives.  

“I don’t know where that rumor about getting Billie came from,” Bales said. “We were never in contact with her.”

Despite the excitement of having blackbear perform, he was not SAC’s first choice.

“We started with a survey at the beginning of the spring semester to learn what other students were interested in seeing on campus,” Apodaca said. “We had actually originally planned to take the concert in a different direction, with a different artist that was requested quite a bit, but after that didn't work out, we set our sights on blackbear and made it happen.”

This year, 783 students responded to the survey.  Of those 783 students, who could vote for multiple genres, 549 named pop as their favorite genre, 434 favored country, 351 said rap and one lone soul claimed blues and doo wop as their top choice.

“Blackbear actually popped up a lot in our survey,” Bales said.

The artist appeared in eight survey responses.

For sophomore Kathleen King, blackbear is an exciting pick.

“I definitely plan on going to the concert this year,” King said. “I really like ‘Do Re Mi’ so I’m really excited to see him live.”

As SAC’s concert directors, Apodaca and Bales are in charge of putting together a concert.

“We plan every aspect of the concert,” Apodaca said. “Really the only thing we can't do is sign the contracts. We pick the artist, work the budget, plan the production, edit the contract and rider with what we can and cannot provide and more. Our main focus is keeping both the students at Northwest and the artists happy.”

To tease the announcement of the artist, SAC posted picture clues on their social media. Pictures included a polaroid camera, a mansion and a bear trap. 

While neither Apodaca or Bales could comment on specifics for their budget, Summers said the production requires proper funding.

“We use a large portion of our annual revenue on the concert,” Summers said. “It is the largest scale event we put on and the most expensive. We regularly reevaluate vendors for price versus quality match as well as where we can cut costs without cutting quality.”

Bales said the concert’s total budget was mainly influenced by how many students are enrolled. 

Tickets for the Nov. 9 concert will go on sale Sept 30.

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