Fall is a time to bring people together. The holidays are upon us, and the holidays are supposed to be to bring people together. Instead of coming together, students are ignoring each other. Fall is here, and it makes our campus twice as beautiful. So why, if it’s so beautiful, do students insist on ignoring it?

For most, the beauty of the campus is part of why Northwest was the college they chose. There’s plenty of outdoor spots that is amazing to chill at. The pond is thriving with life all year round, and everyone goes there to hang out. Outside the Union and the Belltower is SUPER busy most of the time. When you look around, you always see people. On their phones.

Walking anywhere on campus, students have their faces buried in technology. You see headphones on most people, and people run into each other every second.

The other day I was driving to class, and had to slam on my breaks more than once to avoid hitting people. Students were walking across the road at random points in the street without any conscious effort to watch out for cars. They didn’t even look up. As the driver, it was terrifying.

Let’s stop walking with our heads down and our noses in our phones. Let’s pay attention to each other. Stop walking in front of moving cars, stop walking into people. Pay attention to the beauty of nature flowing around you.

I challenge you to wave to a friend, or a stranger, just walking across campus. I challenge you to unplug from your device and love the people around you. Make a new friend, or at least watch a squirrel for a second.

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