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Vaping has had a bad couple of months, hasn’t it? I mean, like, only six people have died from vaping-related illnesses this year, but still, the headlines haven’t been kind to your beloved past time.

I’m here to tell you to ignore the doctors, the scientists, the government and healthcare professionals. They all want you to stop vaping and Juuling, but I’m telling you to keep going. I know healthcare professionals are making their claims based on facts and medical records, but what about the optics?

You can’t blow huge vape clouds walking on campus or to show off your ability to blow O’s on your Snapchat story if you’re not vaping. How are the freshman girls going to know how in-touch you are if they don’t see your extra Juul pods in your car’s cup holder? And how on earth are you supposed to get through that 8 a.m. without your morning nicotine high that lasts maybe 15 minutes? As it stands, this habit is the most interesting thing about you.

Look, you didn’t listen when your friends told you Juuling was lame. You ignored your mom when she suggested it probably wasn’t good for you. You ignored the DARE contract you signed in 8th-grade health class. And you probably got talked into supplying some 16-year-olds with a pack of pods at double retail value.

I think, despite these new reports, you’ve got to ride the vaping wagon ‘til the wheels fall off. Forget what the experts are saying: you got yourself marketed into this nicotine addiction, why would you get yourself out of it now?

The Stroller has been a tradition since 1918 and does not reflect the view of The Northwest Missourian.


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