Sara Schaefer Comedian

Junior Chelsey Babbitt takes a selfie with comedian Sara Schaefer during a meet and greet opportunity following the show Friday, Sept. 7.

Comedian Sara Schaefer rocked the theater with the resounding joy of laughter as she finished her set Sept. 7.

This event was the first event of an ongoing comedy series that will be presented throughout the school year and is sponsored by the Student Activities Council.

The Charles Johnson theater was alive with chuckles and cackling as the guest comedian made the dreary weather only a forethought. Schaefer, a 16-year comedian, has had a long career on tour and television.

Schaefer previously appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “Inside Amy Schumer” where she developed a unique experience in the comedian industry.

“I was there to help launch the social media aspect of the show (‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’) and it was a great experience to work closely with everyone on the show,” Schaefer said. “At first it was kind of nerve racking to be in the same room as Jimmy, but now we are good friends.”

Erin Fleharty, a sophomore majoring in elementary education, was the special events director who got Schaefer to the Northwest campus.

“When I went to Boston, Massachusetts, for the annual National Association of College Activities Conference, Sara Schaefer was one of the performers who performed a 10 minute set,” Fleharty said. “I, along with the other SAC members from Northwest, thought she was funny and would be perfect to start our comedy series.”

Schaefer loves performing for college students, but brought up the point that a lot of comedians do not feel the same.

“A lot of comedians like Jerry Seinfeld have said that they will never do a show on a college campus due to the fact that college students are too sensitive to any of the content they might be presenting,” Schaefer said. “Personally, I do not agree with that statement. College students just think differently than someone my age, and I love getting to entertain them.”

The content of the set ranged from buying a shelf for a craft nook to having an accident in the grocery store checkout lane. Each story Schaefer included had the audience in all out hysterics at the ridiculousness that followed.

Fleharty thought the show was a great success and that the members of the community who attended the event had a great time.

“I personally think the show went well, especially with it being our first comedy series this fall,” Fleharty said. “There was a lot going on campus and within the community, so I was pleased that we still had a high attendance. With all the laughter that I heard, I believe the students enjoyed the show.”

This is the first event of SAC’s comedy series for this academic year, and Fleharty believes this is a great start to the series.

“I'm hoping all the positive things Sara brought to campus will encourage more students to come enjoy our other comedians who will be on campus throughout the year,” Fleharty said. “I am excited to see how the rest of the comedy series play out.”

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