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I suppose it all started in the election of 2016. The orange wall man with stupid hair and the “Zodiac Killer” for the republicans while the left was stuck with Hillary “Pokemon Go to the polls” Clinton and Col. “Feel the Bern” Sanders. We all were on an uneasy edge that took off in the form of memes once a gorilla in Cincinnati was shot. What an awfully goofy and bizarrely terrible year that was. 

Yet, in the history of the U.S., 2016 will just be a footnote compared to the politics of America in 2020 and 2021, because no words that anyone can put to paper could even come close to comprehending just how hilariously pathetic and utterly concerning it is. 

After those painful few days of counting votes and not knowing who won, the same people who were saying “f*** your feelings,” “he’s still your president” and “no collusion” four years ago are now the ones screaming in the streets that Biden is not their president and how it was stolen by “fake” votes. But the left is not innocent in this regard. They have shown hypocrisy too. Four years ago they were the ones who blamed Russia and had the hashtag #notmypresident trending and are now the ones telling the right that Biden won. 

The right deserves more scorn, though, because when they didn’t get the president they liked, they took things too far and thousands of right-wing extremist pigs tried to storm the Capitol in what is no doubt an attempted coup. 

I now understand why people choose to ignore politics altogether. I’ve been paying attention to it since the election of 2016, and now in 2021, I feel I have mentally aged out of pure exhaustion and sickness of the situation. At this point, I really just want to go live in a log cabin with no internet or TV in the northern Canadian wilderness.

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