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Black Friday has overshadowed Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time for family, food and gratitude. It’s just become a marketing ploy. The day meant to reflect on the accomplishments achieved in the past year has turned into a day where everyone runs to the stores to fight over things they don’t need.

Retail workers have to work Thanksgiving Day just because people can’t wait one more day to go Black Friday shopping. They can’t spend the day with their families because they are stuck making sure everyone gets the best deals possible.

Some people might not mind working Thanksgiving because they receive holiday pay or overtime, but that just goes to show how obsessed with money our society has become. These people would rather make a few extra bucks than celebrate with family.

Thanksgiving is a good time to get together. As college students who may live away from home, time with family is already limited. It shouldn’t be wasted at a retail store ringing up discounts.

Of course money is useful. Life is hard without money, but Thanksgiving only happens once a year. It’s only right to celebrate it.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy mashed potatoes, stuffing, sparkling juice and turkey. It’s a joyful time that’s meant to be spent with family. It’s a chance to count your blessings.

Besides, if there’s nothing else to be thankful for, remember there are only two more weeks of the semester after Thanksgiving weekend.

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