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Ah, the Midwest. It’s not only a place, but something that runs deep in the blood of those born here. We bleed ranch dressing, we say ‘ope’ when we scooch past somebody in the grocery store, and most importantly, we will never, ever, EVER have a snow day.

I remember when snow days were announced in high school, I would groan and put a palm to my face. I mean, how am I supposed to make my Midwest blood stronger if I’m not allowed to brave through the cold? If I can’t bundle up like an Eskimo and say, “It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the wind,” then am I even a Midwesterner? Have I proven that I am even worthy to say that I am from the Midwest?

Here at Northwest, I don’t have to do that. I know that when I get up in the morning after an ice storm, blizzard or even in below-zero temperatures, I will be expected to go to class. I am more than happy to risk slipping on ice or catching pneumonia so I can attend.

Even when the schools around the Maryville area close down for the day, I can count on Northwest to expect me to be in class or be square. Those schools don’t know anything about safety anyway. How do they expect their students to be safe if they don’t practice driving on 1-inch icy roads? How are they preparing their students for college when they are huddled up, nice and warm, at home?

If I were them, I’d be pretty disappointed in my school.

At Northwest, we’re proud to be a school that never has a snow day. So what if I slip on icy roads on my way to class? So what if I catch a cold or pneumonia? At least I can say that I went to class.

Here at Northwest, I know that I have true Midwest, ranch dressing blood in my veins.

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