On behalf of all the neighbors living next to, under, above and around your noisy habits, please, for the sake of every tired college student, be quiet and leave us to sleep in peace during finals week.

I’m all for good times and partying hard before finals, but during the week of, loud and obnoxious behavior is less than favorable.

While your dorm, bedroom or your living room is your space to do what you want, I would strongly suggest you rethink your idea of fun before putting them in action. Especially if it involves pulling the fire alarm at 1 a.m. when there are people sleeping for their 7:30 a.m. final.

Nothing’s more frustrating than hearing the blaring alarm system go off after only three hours of sleeping. If you plan on having a little fun during finals, then take it out to the bars or, for those underage, McDonald’s. Go enjoy your bacon McDouble and leave the rest of us to stress about our finals in silence.

If you can’t find the noisy neighbor, then you are most likely that person.

What you do during finals week, especially if you find yourself in the rowdy bunch, will be remembered by those who only wanted sleep.

Freshman year finals week is all too clear a memory. Instead of remembering diploids and haploids, I remember people running through the hallways in a crazy frenzy due to the simple fact we didn’t have a resident assistant at the time.

Studying after 11:45 p.m. meant the library was closed, making there little to no peace for the student.

If it takes telling yourself that you are in the library all the time to keep you quiet, then so be it. Nobody wants to be the loud crowd everybody hates when they’re studying.

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