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I don’t know why everyone is so insistent on complaining about the potholes that are littered up and down Walnut and Main Street and every other road within five square miles of Maryville, potholes that are probably more comparable to, I don’t know, craters?

Driving isn’t that hard with normal roads, which is why I always text when I do it. Driving on campus and around a small college town can be a little tougher under normal conditions, with all those people walking across road ways and such. But when the roads are clear, it’s still pretty manageable.

Sometimes, when it’s icy and snowy and the roads get a little more spooky, it can be kind of tough to navigate the roads for a few days. But when the sun comes out for its weekly appearance and the snowplows in Maryville make their once-in-a-lifetime route down the side streets, it gets to be too easy again.

I think it's time we embrace and appreciate potholes for what they are: a reason to pay attention while driving.

You can’t claim to like playing Mario Kart but then complain about all the damage the potholes are causing. It’s the same thing. The only difference is your negative attitude, really.

When the weather first turns bad and it first starts to snow and the potholes first start sprouting, I, for one, get excited. Driving to campus is just a lot more engaging when I can’t go 10 feet without having to swerve around a pothole. And knowing that one mis-turn could cause, like, $500 worth of damage? That’s what gets me up in the morning. That’s what makes me eager to be in my seat 11 minutes before class. Finally, there’s some stakes involved with my morning commute. Inject that into my veins.

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