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When people refuse to respond to certain forms of communication, it makes you wonder just how advanced we’ve become.

If I send you an email, which is my main form of communicating with people I don’t know,  all I ask is that you respond. It could be a simple two-word answer like, “Screw off,” and I’d be happy.

It shows that I’m not sending questions into the dark abyss, never to be found or answered. I’ll also have a better story to tell if people responded so vehemently.

There are some people I doubt exist because no matter how many emails I send, they refuse to respond.

My biggest concern is how they think they’ll communicate with their boss, and honestly, even how they talk to their teachers now. If you don’t respond to me, does that mean you haven’t seen it or that you don’t want to answer?

Doing this simple step can keep me from going to extremes when it comes to searching for you.

When email doesn’t seem to work, Facebook Messenger is where I go to pressure you more. Responses here only have a slightly higher percentage thanks to the read receipt. What’s even more baffling is the number of people who don’t understand that I can see this and they still don’t respond.

I’m not stupid. If you didn’t want to answer, sending the truth would be much more helpful and less annoying for you in the long run.

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