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My dorm room is supposed to be a place where I can relax after a long day. However, my refuge is lost when you and your boyfriend on the other bed can’t stop touching each other.

I understand that you’ve been dating for a few months and just love each other so much, but, seriously, you don’t need to be intimate 24/7. Especially when there is another person around.

I spend a lot of time at my desk, facing away and listening to music, but I am very perceptive and can still hear things. Please don’t forget about my existence.

I don’t like feeling uneasy in my own room. I know it’s your room too, but it’s not his; there’s rarely a time where he isn’t with you.

Sometimes I get so uncomfortable, I have to take my stuff and work in the lounge. It’s such a hassle, all because you can’t get off of each other.

We have a symbol that tells me when I can’t come inside, but I’m getting tired of how frequently I can’t go into my room after a long day of classes and activities.

I’m a busy person and our schedules are quite different, so there are plenty of times when you could express your love for each other before I come back. Be intimate then, not when I’m around.

I don’t think I’m asking for much. I just want you to be a bit more aware of how your roommate feels when you do things with your boyfriend while she’s around.

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