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The Stroller is normally a place for satirical views of current events and trends. It’s mostly comprised of trite observations and jokes at the expense of those who care about a particular topic or believe a certain way. This stroller is not like that. This one is serious. You need to watch “The Bachelor” and you need to do it now.

There are certain people on this planet who believe they are above watching a reality show that asks the question, is it possible to date an American classroom’s amount of women at one time and find a wife? These are also the kind of people who believe watching boring movies makes them better than you. It doesn’t.

This reality show is the very best of what television has to offer, attractive people with mostly superficial problems and a need to be in the spotlight. The show puts 30 women in one house all vying for the affections of one man and all of whom are shocked by the following things: that there is drama in the house, that Matt — this season’s lucky man — doesn’t spend time with all of them equally and that the producers intentionally fan the flames to create better TV.

This wild ride of American excess is really a jack of all trades when it comes to entertainment. If you are a sports person, just treat it like a dress-filled March Madness bracket and try to pick the winners of each episode. If you are a sucker for heroes and villains, there are certainly those. Victoria, on this season, is quite possibly the most unlikeable Bachelor contestant ever -- just check Twitter. 

And finally, if you are just looking to feel good about yourself, watch this show. Because while both men and women on these shows may seem like perfect, stunning models of the human species at first glance, about five minutes in you will realize they are just as awkward and moronic as the rest of us, except they are being moronic and awkward in front of millions of people.

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