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The Bearcat Commons chocolate soft serve hasn’t been available on multiple days in the past week.

This means I can’t get my favorite creamy dessert. I can’t even get half of it with the twist option. I need my chocolate ice cream.

If the dining hall isn’t prepared to have chocolate ice cream in stock, the machine should just be made for vanilla. If chocolate was never available, I wouldn’t have my hopes crushed because they were never high to begin with.

I want my chocolate. If I wanted vanilla, I would get vanilla. But I want chocolate.

I hate when I finish my meal, ready to walk out with a smooth chocolate ice cream cone, only to see, “Chocolate and swirl will be unavailable today.”

Then there isn’t even an apology. Genuine or not, most places would post, “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Speaking of inconveniences, why is there such a tight time limit on when I can get my ice cream?

Everyone knows that late night dining starts at 9 p.m. and the main dining area is closed, but that includes the ice cream.

At desperate times, ice cream can be my incentive to study. When I finish studying at 8:55 p.m., I can’t make it to the ice cream machine before they shut it down.

I only wanted a cold treat, but I only get the cold shoulders of the chair barricade they build each night.

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