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Northwest is located in Maryville, Missouri, also known as Title Town. Bearcats are known for winning national championships in football, basketball, tennis and others. But do I care? Should I care?

I have enough on my plate with clubs, work and school that I don’t have the brain space to even think about how football works. There are more exciting events on campus that I’d rather go to. Catch me at a visiting lecture learning all about how we’re destroying the earth rather than spacing out watching a ball bounce.

As a former BMB member, I was required to attend every home football game, and most games boiled down to the Bearcats gaining points and the opponent following behind.

The crowd was energetic, the music was entertaining, and I was watching the clock count down during the fourth quarter all the way to zero. My favorite part of the games was sitting after standing for the first half. I love music but I hate predictability. If I know the ending, why should I stay?

I appreciate everyone who plays for Northwest on all of our teams. You work really hard and deserve the recognition. What I don’t appreciate are all the fanatics telling me to come to games.

I’d rather watch a movie at home than go out and sit on a hard bench where I can hardly hear the announcer. Sports culture is not my culture.

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