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Noon is the lunch rush hour. Avoid it if at all possible. Go an hour earlier or wait an hour.

There are so many people trying to eat at the same time that the line weaves back and forth to fill the entire entrance to the dining area.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, group tours decide to eat lunch at noon as well. This clogs up the line, causing the workers to worry about 30 “Free Lunch” slips in the middle of swiping a bunch of Bearcat Cards.

There’s always plenty of food at noon because the kitchen employees are prepared.

Still, there can be a deficiency in plates and tables. Forget sitting with your friends you were standing with in line. You won’t be able to find the table they’re sitting at.

Even if you do, there probably won’t be a chair for you. Big groups like to collect them for their friends.

Dish return is the absolute worst at noon.

Have you ever waited in line to put the dishes away? Me neither. Until I made the mistake of eating at noon one day.

The line moves fairly quickly, but by the time I can put my dishes up, all of the racks are full. You might think I could put my plate on another plate, but no, I can’t even do that. They all already have four or five plates on top of them.

Then when I find a smaller stack to put my plate on, the entire column wobbles and I risk having all the half-eaten sandwiches, unfinished drinks and leftover spaghetti sauce spilled all over me.

Just don’t eat at noon. It will be so much easier that way. The later the better. If you eat at 3 or 4 p.m., the meal switches at 4:30 so you could stay and enjoy dinner right after, making one less trip to the Union in all this snowy weather.

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