Students' views on Valentine's Day

“The early bird gets the worm.”

That’s junior baseball player Steven Garber’s philosophy of Valentine’s Day. Whether single or in a relationship, every single Northwest student has an idea or opinion about V-Day. 

Garber’s approach on Valentine’s Day was to get a girl’s attention by getting her a gift before the day and standing out as someone who believes he should make a significant other feel special every day. 

“I didn’t give her anything to consume or flowers that will wilt and die. I got her a good present; it’s value won’t go away anytime soon,” Garber said. “And I already sent it to her.”

But what does he think about Valentine’s Day? 

“Overrated. You don’t need a special day to do something special for a girl. You can do it any day you want,” Garber said. And he believes you should. 

Sophomore Emily Hintz, who will spend her Valentine’s Day single, gave some insight on what V-Day is to her.

“I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I think it is a useless holiday where people spend excessive amounts of money on someone who should already know that you care about them,” Hintz said. “It shouldn’t depend upon an amazing date or extravagant event.”

With that being said, Hintz chooses to help make other couples’ day special by serving them at Carson’s Sports Grille, which is staple for most dates on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m working a double on Valentine’s Day to help make other people’s dates special, not mine,” she said.

Regardless of ones feelings toward the day itself, it seems that students still respect the value it has to others. 

Juniors Jake Shanahan and Courtney Morton have been dating for seven years. Obviously, they’ve had multiple Valentine’s Days to spend together, they have some insight what the day means for people who spend almost every day together.

Morton said things have obviously changed as far as V-Day goes since the beginning of their relationship. 

“Things change, but you shouldn’t lose the romance,” Morton said.

However, it is still a day they enjoy together. As far as the day in general, they had their opinions.

“I like Valentine’s Day, but it’s unnecessary,” Morton said, “I think it’s a way to make money on chocolate.” 

Shanahan also mentioned that it is about the relationship and not money spent on the day. He said the money should not matter. 

“It’s not about spending money but spending time (together),” Shanahan said. 

As far as the day itself, Shanahan and Morton have decided they will enjoy the evening together.

“We’ll probably just spend quality time together,” Shanahan said.

Morton said there will not be any huge gift, but the thought will still be there.

“I’ll probably get him a card and a little something,” Morton said. 

These four students, all in their own way, will spend their whole day aware of Valentine’s Day rituals taking place before their eyes. For two of them, it will be just another day, for the other two, it will be a day to spend with a loved one, both situations that are shared with students all over campus.

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