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The loaded fries in the Bearcat Common’s lunch have been the worst dining experiment I have seen in my three years at this school.

If you haven’t eaten at the commons, the grill replaces all of the items at its section for fries that you can top with meat and cheese on certain days.

While it is a nice idea, the most frustrating thing is how this has removed all of the other options the grill normally provides. This means no hamburgers, no grilled chicken, no chicken nuggets, no grilled cheese, just fries.

It limits options for anyone who is used to eating in the commons. I used to eat there so that I could decide between eating a burger, quesadilla, pizza, or something new.

Normally, the new food ideas have some novel concept that, to some extent, make up for the reduced choices. Even when the new things aren’t the best, it’s only around for one day.

However, these loaded fries are still going on. I’m someone who loves fries, and this is really going overboard.

Honestly, this entire problem could be remedied by allowing us to pick from the previous options that they removed and have the loaded fries be included as well.

Thankfully, this is something that is only for a limited time. If we’re lucky, the loaded fries will never come back to haunt our Union again.

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