Tribute to the Ladies

The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. pose together for a photo at the Tribute to the Ladies event April 14. Tribute to the Ladies is an event that celebrates women at Northwest every year.

An enlightening atmosphere surrounded by laughter and applause filled the room with a heart-warming engagement for the ladies.

The Minority Men’s Organization hosted its annual Tribute to the Ladies event April 14 in the J.W Jones Student Union Ballroom.

Tribute to the Ladies is an event that celebrates the ladies at Northwest, with special talent performances by the gentleman on campus. Ladies had free admission and men paid $7 for entry, with the ladies being escorted from the door to their seats the entire night.

President of the MMO Arlondo Watson said it’s important to appreciate women in society.

“There is so much commotion taking place that some people tend to forget their worth or value to the world, and we make it our duty as men to ensure their pride still remains high,” Watson said. “We think highly of women because without them, who are we?”

Senior David Anzures has been trying to attend this event since his freshman year but never found the time until this year.

“It was definitely worth the wait, and I love how this event highlights the achievement of women on campus, especially women of color,” Anzures said. “The food was phenomenal, and I loved the sense of solidarity and energy in the room.”

The event also included performances from executive board members showing off their talents such as spoken word or singing, as well as hip-hop and rap artists from the surrounding area.

Anzures said that more people should attend events held by multicultural organizations.

“Most people don’t realize that there is a lot of interest in events like this, and I feel like the majority of the population on campus are hesitant to attend events held by multicultural organizations, but they are definitely missing out,” Anzures said.

The organization aims to ensure men are involved, comfortable and knowledgeable in all aspects of the University, community and society.

“We have hosted other events such as game night, movie nights, open discussions and community service projects throughout the community,” Watson said.

Tribute to the Ladies was created seven years ago to show women on campus that men appreciate their dedication to society.

“There is always talk about what we expect from women, but what about what women expect from men?” Watson said. “So we created this event to show that, without them, there would be no us.”

Anzures was impressed with how the MMO made the event suitable for everyone.

“Attendance was more than I thought, and I will definitely encourage more of my friends to come next time,” Anzures said.

Junior Keira Jones attended the event two years ago and enjoyed the experience of learning about a different community on campus.

“It was nice to come to the event again and be reminded of women power and the appreciation that this organization gives towards women,” Jones said. “I hope the organization continues to do this event for many years to come.”

MMO is an organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of college men from all backgrounds. They promote brotherhood, personal development and success, retention and service.

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