It’s the special time of year where nothing makes sense: finals season.

It’s cold outside, and you want to be comfy as you pull an all nighter at the library. Your trusty pair of leggings begin to smell of the holiday coffee you bought at Starbucks and accidentally spilled on yourself two days ago because you haven’t bothered to do laundry yet.

It’s hard to be fashionable during finals week, but your style shouldn't get an F from lack of effort while you’re studying for an A in Gen Bio.

For this round of Fall Finals Fashion, the effortless look is in.

Messy hair under a beanie is perfectly chic while also hiding the fact you haven’t showered since Monday and your scalp is more dry shampoo than actual hair. Or, for those who have showered, a messy bun is always classic.

For clothes, toss on a pair of black leggings and a long sleeved shirt. You’ll want to grab a cute pair of boots too. Not only will this look keep you cozy and warm as you walk to B. D. Owens, but you’ll also look adorable in the Instagram and Snapchat pictures you'll take instead of actually studying for Eiswert’s philosophy final.

Minimal makeup is also what you’ll need. Forego the winged eyeliner as you’ll want to wipe away the tears you shed the when you remember you still have two projects due for a Fred Lamer class.

During your finals don’t even bother changing into clothes, but just roll out of bed in your pjs. Not only will this be comfortable as you struggle to remember something Neustatter mentioned before the test, but you’ll also be ready to curl back to sleep afterwards.

Finals are hard, but looking cute while being comfy is easier than a Offutt final.

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