I have been a sorority woman since my freshman year and a journalist for just as long. I love both dearly. Sometimes, though, it seems like they are at odds, tearing me apart in the process.

Whether it’s reporting on a controversial fraternity or sorority women emptying the newspaper bins for crafts without reading the hard work the writers, designers and photographers do, the two butt heads all the time. As someone with a foot in both realms, I sometimes receive the brunt of both forces.

One will tell me not to mention I’m in Greek Life, while the other wants me to write about what the Greek Community is up to. At some points, I feel like I have to walk a thin ink line. They act as if they are in battle.

What Greek Life and media fail to understand is if they treat the other as the enemy, it will become their enemy. In the process, both organizations alienate the members who are part of both worlds.

When Greek Life or media treat the other as the bad guy, it sends the message that we, members of both, are essentially traitors. We are often caught playing messenger, or devil's advocate in meetings. I usually describe it to friends as being a child caught in the middle of divorcing parents. We want everyone to be happy and get along, but know sometimes we may have to pick one or the other.

We are not your enemy, we are students, just like the rest of our organizations. We have feelings. We are pursuing a degree in something we love. We joined families connected by values and beliefs. We should not be punished for any of these things.

If Greek Life and the Northwest Media do not start playing nice with each other, then they will only continue this disservice to their members.

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