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I suppose it all started at 6:30 a.m. when I rolled out of bed. I had a vision. Through the haze, I saw an Instagram account that shared the unspoken truths of Northwest. It took me three minutes to do what had to be done. I gave birth to Bearcat Facts.

Bearcat Facts is more than a parody account. It’s a movement. Who was talking about the football team’s Minecraft YouTube channel before Bearcat Facts? Who was going to speak up about the statue in front of the J.W. Jones Student Union being based off of Olivia Rodrigo and Joe Biden? Reporting on these issues takes guts, but it’s honest work. I’m being so brave, and none of you even know it.

Every day I enter the Canva app with the same goal: What aspect of life at Northwest needs its moment in the spotlight? Today, it may be that the B.D. Owens Library is serving Caesar salad to any student who checks out books. Tomorrow, it might be that Dr. Jasinski finally broke the speed record for climbing the Memorial Bell Tower! The facts simply pour through me, and I don’t know what I’ll write until my fingers hit the keyboard.

I’m not afraid to be unhinged. In fact, as the antihero of Northwest, it’s my job. Whether it’s one post a month or ten posts in the same day, I will deliver Bearcats the facts they deserve. The best part is that they’re all true! Not even one Bearcat fact has been incorrect or exaggerated.

Next time Bearcat Facts haunts your Instagram feed, remember there is a silly little student behind the facade who is working 28 hours a day to bring you the complete, unbiased, wholly-correct, never-falsified truth.

Xoxo, Bearcat Facts

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