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There’s nothing like needed construction to really make it feel like a new year at Northwest.

I’m sure at least half the campus has nearly fallen victim to the treacherous stairs outside the right side of Valk. Tripping over those crumpled and cracked, brittle cookie-like stairs, ready to take feet and ankles as its prey.

I found myself almost taken under, dangers unforeseen. I took my chances on the unsteady hunks of concrete. Late and determined to reach class before the door shut, it was the perfect opportunity for them to whip me clean on my backside.

Of course my cat-like reflexes saved me from my eminent injury, though, now looking back, I wish I’d let them take me out. I could’ve been rolling in a fat paycheck signed by Northwest.

After my near death experience, as I took a safer route back to my car, I watched others tiptoe around the broken stairs. Some successfully passed through the makeshift obstacle course and others were not so lucky.

Bits of the crumpled concrete rolling under their feet, ankles twisting and rolling. The baffled look-backs were the best. Students tried to see what was caught between their feet, only to realize it was a piece of the step.

Let’s assume this has happened before; I’ve always wondered why one step was made of rusted steel, standing out amongst the others in the set. It’s time for the one to have a sibling or two.

The neglect to the these stairs is an under sight of the University and could end up costing them money. Actually, administration would probably increase our tuition next semester to pay for all the lawsuits of broken ankles and legs. Seventy-five dollars per credit hour for every ankle dislodged from its socket.

So, it’s safe to say those handy-dandy construction workers are in for a new task in the never-ending cycle of renovation here on campus. It’ll surely take them 250 days to complete. Then another week to actually remove the caution cones. Until then, walk with caution, Bearcats.

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