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When it comes to dishes, it’s a simple equation: water, plus soap, plus elbow work equals clean dishes. For some unfathomable reason though, this simply hasn’t sunk in to some people’s heads.

It shouldn’t be hard to clean your dirty yogurt spoon.

For many people, they may not want to do the dishes because it takes a lot of time, but if everybody just took care of their own dishes as they used them and put them in the dishwasher, they would save the arguments and the impending hurt.

And all for the measly price of time.

Yes, the dishes sometimes do take a lot of time, but really, what were you planning on doing? You certainly look busy over in your chair, watching Steve Harvey on “Family Feud,” even though a test is fast approaching.

I get it though. Nobody wants to spend the time in the kitchen cleaning out dirty pots and pans full of the red pasta sauce that leaves residue everywhere. It’s not an enjoyable task, especially when everything the red water touches leaves a noticeable greasy stain everywhere, even on your hands.

If people remember that their other roommates also don’t want to do the dishes, then sympathizing with each other shouldn’t be difficult.

Doing dishes isn’t a hard concept to grasp, even children understand this simple task. So just do your side of the dishes; Steve Harvey would be proud.

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