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So, there I am in the midst of my post-Halloween slumber when I awake to a curious sound. The faint sound of Michael Buble — he’s super relevant all year round — echoes throughout my house, and I can smell pine-scented candles in the living room. 

In my post-sleep haze, I almost mistake the day for Christmas morning. But it’s not. My roommate has decided to start decorating and celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween, and I couldn’t be happier.

Yes, Christmas isn’t exactly right around the corner, but who cares? We all need a little holiday cheer nearly two months away from the actual holiday. It doesn’t at all cheapen the joy and importance of the day itself by celebrating it really early. It only enhances it.

Many will complain that seeing Christmas decorations in early November fills them with a sense of trepidation. They say it makes them feel the seasonal depression and existential dread that comes with having to dip deep into the savings account to pay for frivolous gifts sooner. To that, I say, “eh.” At least you don’t have to untangle Christmas lights in your parents’ garage.

Also, how can you not be filled with happiness at the sound of Christmas music? Hearing the same 11 or 12 songs remixed and remade over and over again by almost every popular artist to simply sell albums to dumb people really is at the heart of the Christmas season.

So throw on that ugly sweater and hang up the mistletoe; it’s Christmas time. We are skipping Thanksgiving this year anyway on account of the political discussions that will surely take place being about as fun as receiving a lobotomy. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

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