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I am not a walking, talking sex object. 

I shouldn’t be made to feel so uncomfortable in my own space that I wear jackets and layers to avoid you looking at me like a piece of steak.

I get it; I’m one of the only girls in a group of guys. I should be used to the jokes about it by now. The thing is, what’s happening aren’t jokes.

Making comments about my “rack” isn't a joke. 

Insinuating I use sex as a weapon or tool all the time isn’t a joke.

Saying you’ll buy me a vibrator for my birthday isn’t a joke.

Saying you’d buy my bath water isn’t a joke.

Trying to make me feel guilty for not wanting to date you isn’t a joke. 

Trying to trick me into going on dates with you isn’t a joke.

What makes it worse is our whole group knows what is happening.You know it too, and you use it to your advantage. You purposely make these comments during times we can’t call you out on your misogynistic, perverted ways. You say you fight for women’s rights but you don’t even treat me like a person.

I’m done with trying to justify your behavior. I am done with feeling guilty for turning you down. I am not some timid, scared little girl. I am a strong woman, and I will not tolerate being treated as anything less.

I am not a walking, talking sex object.

I am a woman, and you will respect me.

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