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Through various art displays and different mediums, faculty members were able to showcase their hard work to their students.

The annual art faculty exhibit is being displayed Sept. 30 to Oct. 11 in the Olive DeLuce Art Gallery. The showcase had to be postponed from its original date Sept. 18 due to schedule changes for the space.

Professor of painting Armin Mühsam said the faculty show has been a tradition at Northwest for at least 50 years.

“The whole idea about the faculty shows is the students need to realize that we’re not only their teacher, but we’re artists as well,” Mühsam said. “That we make art. We practice what we preach.”

A short lecture preceded the official opening of the gallery to the public where nine faculty members were introduced, each discussing their works and each coming from different disciplines.

With a full classroom where students were both leaning against the walls and sitting on the floor, the opening had one of its highest amounts of students. From art majors to art appreciation students, all eyes were on the faculty as they gave their spiel.

Mühsam wanted to show a different aspect to graphic design and decided to display the steps of someone using his painting as the background for their own poster.

“Graphic design students are usually the majority of students in an art department or art program,” Mühsam said. “Yet there is this misconception in the public, and even among the students, that design is somehow different from studio art because it is utilitarian. It has a function, and therefore it has to look a certain way.”

Mühsam said people carry around cliché ideas of what graphic design should look like, and he wanted to show that this poster went beyond those stereotypes. Ceramics also deals with functionality where the piece can be a regular cup, a non-traditional cup or a sculpture that looks like a cup.

Assistant professor of ceramics Veronica Watkins brought in her ceramic piece titled “Mother and Child.”

She said she thought of the idea while she was separated from her family and mulling over familial bonds.

“This is actually kind of an urn-type vessel,” Watkins said. “It has different compartments in it, but also I’m heavily influenced by architecture and landscape and sort of the decay of those things.”

Through various mediums, faculty were able to make their deep thoughts into art and provide students a look into what they’re creating.

Senior and President of the Art Club Harrison Boden said he couldn’t decide which piece was his favorite.

“They’re all good in their own aspects,” Boden said. “The good thing about the faculty show is that it isn’t just one disciple of work, so we see every professor that we have in our department. … So it’s hard to pick one.”

For art major and senior Remington Moore, she said it’s important to broaden their horizons.

“We get caught up in our own little world in just the textbooks and what Van Gogh did that we forget that there are still amazing artists alive today and mediums and techniques that are still being performed and perfected,” Moore said. “It kind of lets us see that our own professors are doing that and we can go to them for those kinds of things.”

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