Halloween is just around the corner, which means there is a multitude of children in cute costumes, wild parties and trick-or-treating. However, not all is well. This year, thousands of chubby cheeked children and broke, drunk college students will be denied good candy for their trick-or-treat goodie bags.

I get it, it seems cheaper to buy the mixed bag of generic candy to pass out to the hordes of zombies and devils, and those are just the college kids. However, according to Forbes, Americans spent a collective $2.5 billion on candy in 2015. So, honestly, splurging the extra two or three dollars for name-brand candy really isn’t bad in comparison. Depending on the store, there are decently priced goodies to give out.

Honestly, it’s not too difficult to buy a normal sized chocolate bar to give to the poor, sleep deprived journalism student dressed up as an obscure musical reference you don’t get. It's not like I have any personal experience with this or anything. Halloween is the one night a year when it is easiest to please a college student. All it takes is decent candy, a beverage of the student’s choosing and some movies, preferably Disney, Tim Burton or anything scary.

But if you don’t want to buy for the college students, then think of the children.

Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated holidays among children aside from Christmas. It’s a day where it is socially acceptable for them to play dress up and go beg for sugar. They get to break every rule Mom and Dad gave them, such as talking to strangers, playing in the road and staying up way later than normal. Every year they can expect the same types of candy: the hard chocolates, the tough to chew candies, and the worst--healthy food. It would make their night to receive a normal-sized or, if you’re feeling extra generous, a king-sized candy bar.

I know it’s only one night, but Halloween is the most anticipated holiday of the year. We don’t need Toblerones, or anything fancy. Just a simple Hershey’s or Reese’s would do.  

It only takes one act to make someone’s Halloween; pass out the good candy.

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