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If you don’t own a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you might want to make sure that your airbags are effective and your insurance is up to date. 

Just when I thought I figured out how to drive in the winter, Maryville goes out of their way to not plow the roads or salt them. But hey, at least Main Street “isn’t that bad,” right? 

The roads on campus are no better. I get jealous of the people who have no problem coming to a complete stop on campus and then are able to just drive away. My car thinks that we need to slide sideways, not catch traction and test the theory of the afterlife before deciding to actually move.

This winter storm was the last thing we needed after everything in 2020. Ia thought we all agreed that we were going to attempt to make this year better. Apparently, Mother Nature was not on board for this one. So let me slide into the curb in peace because from what I can tell, no one in Maryville is going to do anything about the roads anyway.  

I just want my 70-degree weather back. I want my windows down, blaring “All Night Longer” while my friends and I mumble the words that we don’t remember. This minus 25 degree wind chill and having to turn the music down to focus on not sliding into the car in front of me just ain’t it. 

Can we all agree on at least one thing? Driving anywhere in Maryville the day after it snows is asking for a death sentence. To say the least, I am not here for it, and neither is my car. 

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