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I love Disney. 

From the infectious movie soundtracks to wacky characters, I am easily sucked in. However, I’m also a penny pincher. So when Disney + was first announced I had to ask myself if my “Brother Bear” obsession is worth $6.99 a month.

At first I was skeptical. Almost $7 a month for just Disney content seemed like a scam. The corporate giant seemed to be milking the streaming service idea for every cent. I didn’t think they had enough content to fill it.

I decided beforehand to do the free trial. I ended up just buying the monthly plan that night.

If deciding between Netflix and Disney +, I’d recommend Disney + all the way. 

While Netflix may have decent original content and a variety of popular shows like “Parks and Rec” to view, users will get more options in their Disney +  subscription.

When the streaming service launched Nov. 12, I was admirably late in signing up. At least I missed the technical difficulties that plagued the first to sign up.

Despite the initial frustrations, browsing the website is actually easy.

It’s very similar to Netflix in the interface with users being able to search content, both old school Disney movies, new content and Marvel Studio blockbuster hits. Fans can create a “watch list” of their favorite films and shows. The categories are also displayed very similar to Netflix, with viewers able to scroll through titles with ease.

The biggest complaint I have is Disney + does not have a continue watching list like Netflix where viewers can pick up where they left off.

While Disney + has the traditional classics like “Lion King” and “Cinderella,” they also have underrated and forgotten movies like “Ice Princess” and “Quints.”

They also have the new original content like the widely anticipated “The Mandalorian,” “Kim Possible” and “High School Musical: the Musical.”  How these new programs will do is still up in the air as older fans have shared skepticism about how faithful they will be to the original content.

Disney fans will also find hidden gems they may not have known belonged to the corporation giant such as “Remember the Titans.”

Overall the service seems to be exactly as advertised: a Netflix of nothing but Disney and the brands under its umbrella.

Users can also create up to seven profiles and share their account with friends. 

For unlimited access to popular movies from Marvel, Star Wars and the Disney classics, the streaming services seems to be worth the relatively cheap price. It’s only a dollar less than Netflix’s most basic plan.

There is even a package where users can get Hulu and ESPN for just six more dollars. And if a group of seven friends want to chip in for the basic package, it’s only a dollar a month. Not a bad deal for broke college students.

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