“I just want a rich husband, so I don’t have to do anything,” said the girl next to me in class. Our professor told us to state our name, where we are from, and what we wanted to do in life. Instead of the girl next to me saying what career she wanted, she stated how good of a housewife she will be.

I often think my opinion may be wrong, and I think to myself, I shouldn’t say anything, but instead I blurt out, “Wait what?”

Why? How? When did you get this mindset? Women have given up everything so they could not be just another housewife, yet that is still the height of your aspirations? Instead of being a woman like Susan B. Anthony or Betty Friedan, you want to be a woman like Phyllis Schlafly. The “Yes Women” as I like to call them. Women like this should not exist because it paints the “All Women are Housewives” stereotype in this male-dominant world.

Maybe it is just me, but I feel like the housewife role is boring. They’re simply cooking and cleaning. This type of woman is not providing any income.

Women are more than just house cleaners and nannies. They can and should be providers too. Women need to stand for something because men can’t do everything. It will make them feel like they have power over us. “I’m the one paying the bills.” Typical guy line. However, he would have no room to say that if you too had a job.

Not being a housewife may mean more to me because I am a minority, and I’ve heard about how hard women who were minorities had to fight for their rights.

I wanted to ask the girl who sits next to me in class, “Why are you in college, pursuing a degree, if all you want to be is a housewife?” But I think the laughs from my fellow classmates made her feel flustered, so I didn’t say anything.

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