Ruby, the man's best friend

Denise Jasinski cuddles with her new puppy, Ruby. Rudy is a female Vizsla, a Hungarian hunting dog.

A bright new ball of energy was introduced to the Jasinksi home this week: the young, exciting and loveable puppy Ruby.

Ruby, the 9-week old Vizsla, came into the Jasinski home after much deliberation of wether the president could handle a dog in the house with his allergies. Acccording to Denise Jasinski, the president’s wife, it was the dog’s short hair and low dander that attracted her to the family.

Ruby is a puppy now, but she has a lot of growing left. According to Denise, she is a Hungarian hunting dog will grow greatly in years to come.

“We wanted a dog that had some size to it,” Denise said. “She meets all the needs of our family.”

Ruby, a puppy full of great energy and enthusiasm, has been showing off her playful nature since birth.

“She’s all puppy; she’s all energy,” Denise said.

Adjusting to having a new puppy in the family always brings various challenges, as Denise understands. She has hired a trainer to help train the family.

“We have a lot to learn about having a puppy,” Denise said. “If I don’t have proper training for her, it’s going to be just chaos.”

Living on campus is a concern of Denise’s, but she does not forsee any issues with the dog and interactions with students.

“I can’t stop being a family because of where our house is,” Denise said. “I have to be a family within those zones.”

Denise has to be stern with the puppy, teaching her not to bite and to stay when needed. According to Denise, she has not seen most of the Gaunt House yet due to still being trained, but Denise is sticking with her every step of the way.

“The first two nights, I slept on the couch next to her kennel,” Denise said. “Until last Sunday, she was with eight siblings and her mom and dad in this big area where she got to romp around in. She gets a little wild, but that’s O.K., we’re getting there.”

Denise is excited about watching Ruby grow and mature into greater skills.

“She already jumps, and I love Frisbee dogs,” Denise said. “I’m hoping she gets to be a great Frisbee dog.”

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