TKE corn hole philanthropy tournament

Joseph Suchan of Sigma Tau Gamma lines up a toss as opponent Clarissa Lenger of Alpha Sigma Alpha celebrates a successful toss in a game of corn hole during Tau Kappa Epsilon's Toss for a Cause fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 6.

With bean bags flying and people watching intently, Tau Kappa Epsilon-Delta Nu chapter started its year off with its first big philanthropy event since coming back to campus, Toss for a Cause.

The event was a corn hole tournament held Oct. 6 in the Student Recreation Center due to weather conditions. The tournament had 58 teams compete with each team consisting of two players. Groups paid $10 to participate.

TKE’s national philanthropy, St. Jude, received 75 percent of the proceeds, while the other 25 percent went to the winners in cash.

There was a variety of teams participating, each with unique names such as “Amateur Cornstars,” “The Cob Father” and “Game of Throws.”

Junior Brittany Cunningham was part of the team “Since 220.” She created the team with her roommate she has been with since freshman year, using their old dorm number 220. Those plans were changed when her roommate realized she was supposed to go to MO Hope during the corn hole tournament.

Instead, Cunningham brought her friend Hannah Dennis, a community member who plans on coming to Northwest next semester.

“She (Cunningham) invited me here and I thought it would be fun to do,” Dennis said. “It’s actually my first time on the campus.”

Dennis enjoyed how fun the tournament was and watching the different teams play.

As with any corn hole game, the same rules applied. Partners stood opposite each other next to a hand-painted TKE corn hole board. One person could gain points, while the other took away points from the opposing team.

Each bean bag on the board garnered a point, while getting a bean bag in the hole got three points.

Even though “Since 220” lost the first round, Cunningham kept a positive attitude.

“We did really good and had fun,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham came to the tournament after hearing her friends in TKE talking about it. She explained what she thinks about TKE coming back as well.

“I think that it’s good,” Cunningham said. “I think since they’re all new members, it makes me feel really excited that they’re coming back because they’re coming back really good.”

Vice President and Philanthropy Chair Garrett Niemeier wanted a successful first philanthropy project to raise a lot of money for St. Jude.

Niemeier reached out to TKE Alumni, asking for ideas, conversing and planning for the event. The alumni even made five corn hole sets while the active members painted them with TKE symbols.

Through talking to many organizations, getting flyers created and posted, TKE was able to have several teams sign up.

“Overall, there was a lot of hard work by multiple people and sources that made this event one for the books,” Niemeier said.

After the success of the event, it had been decided the corn hole tournament would become an annual event.

“You can expect all of our events going forward to have two things: fun for the students and community, and a great cause we are wanting to support and help out with,” Niemeier said. “Next year, come one and come all, whether it’s for redemption from this year or a new team looking to sweep everybody away. We know everyone will have a blast at the second annual Toss for a Cause Cornhole Tournament.”

This year’s Toss for a Cause raised $580, with $435 going to St. Jude and $145 going to the winner’s Rick Seal and Jared Campbell’s team, “Pike A.”

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