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Hidden beneath sinks, stowed behind cartons of milk and stashed in unused trash cans, we all know it’s there. Most of the students living in Forest Village Apartments have alcohol stored away like we are Al Capone during the height of the 1920s.

Northwest may be a “dry” campus, which is a joke when you look at the Blotters, but FVA should be exempt from this prohibition.

Most of us are of age to drink, yet we feel like we are still in high school or the high rises, having to smuggle our contraband under conspicuous jackets and blankets.

It makes it much harder to discover our limits in a safe environment. I know I’d rather discover what Four Loko does to me at home where my roommates can keep an eye on me, and prevent me from texting people I shouldn’t, like my ex, than at a party full of strangers who would take Snapchat videos of me letting out my inner stripper.

No matter the precautions we take while we party, we are more vulnerable the minute we step outside of our home.

Let’s be real — it would just be decriminalizing what’s already happening. Step into just about any FVA apartment, and you’ll find alcohol not so cleverly hidden in case our Student Assistant comes knocking on our door.

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