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I’m a workaholic. 

That doesn’t mean you can exploit my desire to do a good job.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of an extremist. When I commit to something, I usually go overboard and stretch myself too thin before promptly passing out from exhaustion. It was no different when I decided to start working four jobs. 

Yes, four. As in how many stars you feel compelled to give your Uber driver for no reason. This is on top of being on the executive board for two organizations.

I have to work four jobs. I don’t want to be a workaholic. I would love to laze around for all eternity, like the high school student I once was.

But I can’t.

I have rent, bills, a pet and student loans to take care of. I’d also like to buy groceries every once in a while.

Because I work four jobs and can’t seem to add the word “no” to my vocabulary, things might slip my mind. I am human, after all. As much as I want to do everything and please everyone, I can’t. I’m not Barbie.

It’s unreasonable for each job to demand they are my top priority. My number one priority will always be my studies. Most of my employers understand and encourage me to do well and study hard. Some of my bosses don’t. 

Apparently being a good employee and moving up the ladder should include unreasonable hours, giving up my organizations and hoping I can scrape by on my pumpkin spice latte with nine shots of espresso.

So, yes, I am a workaholic. I can’t say “no” to save my life, but I also have a breaking point and I’m about to reach it.

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