There are a million-and-one ways you can spend $90, and a parking pass shouldn’t be one of them.

I mean there are so many different ways to spend that money. You could buy a giant beach ball on Amazon, a month’s worth of Chick-fil-A or, better yet, helping pay off your student loans.

With the winter weather upon us, naturally many people have been driving to and from classes, despite the buildings being so close to each other. The amount of drivers versus the amount of parking spaces available has become increasingly unbalanced.

For those of us who drive, we waste 20 minutes trying to find a legal parking spot close to our destination. By the time we finally accomplish this goal, we are 50 blocks away and already late to class. At this point, it would have just been better to bike or walk, making the parking pass worthless.

Doesn’t it only seem logical that we would have more parking? Has anybody ever actually complained about having too much parking?

If this simple need can’t be met, then the money we spend on accessing university parking lots is a complete rip off. The school could tunnel the money they get from selling passes towards more conveniently located parking lots.

Honestly the worst place to park is around the Union since there’s limited parking and it’s not even open until after most classes have ended for the day. What’s even crazier is the fact that Brown Hall, Colden Hall and the Student Union are possibly some of the most used buildings on campus and there’s not a single parking lot students can use for their classes there.

For the most part, it’s out of the people’s control as we cannot create the space needed for more parking lots. Since the underwhelming amount of parking spaces has become such a hassle, people shouldn’t even bother paying the $90 fee for their parking pass.

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