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A lot of people grew up with the words, “You can be anything,” ringing in their ears. Usually people will realize the truth, but for the amateur rapper community, they obviously still believe this little fib.

For those of you who are blessed enough to never encounter these abominations of people, I will put it in simpler terms. Imagine you walk by a trash can that’s on fire, and then it starts singing stolen lyrics to you in a crappy auto-tuned voice. 

I swear to the man in the sky, if I get another Snapchat with a link to some amateur rapper, I will drop everything, call the police and have them arrested for assault on my ears. 

Now I don’t have a problem with people putting themselves out there, but I do have a problem with my ears being tainted by the horrid garbage that is spewing from the mouths of some of these rappers. 

I mean honestly, if I was shown a picture of an amateur rapper and a pile of cow poo and told to tell the difference, I would struggle. These rappers are seriously that bad.

I know the criticism of such a prestigious and illustrious community of up-and-coming rappers may seem unwarranted, but someone has to put the word out on these guys.

 These rappers like to tout how a lack of options or a family death turned them to rap. Uh no, your decision to make music was not from desire or inspiration, it came from your low IQ and inability to see that there is no chance of you ever being famous from your whack verses. 

So delete your SoundCloud account and stay away from a microphone for the rest of your life.

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