1951 Fire

A gas tank explosion behind Women’s Residence Hall, which used to stand where Roberta Hall does today, sent a steel beam flying into the building and starting a fire in 1951.

The mystery behind Northwest’s vigilante advice hero has stumped many, creating a custom craving for the Life Advice Batman’s insight on all things college, love and life. And he’s only just beginning his journey of unprecedented guides to surviving the four to five years of college life.

Life Advice Batman is popular among many students, however there are still some who ask ‘Who is Life Advice Batman? And what is he doing?’ While Life Advice Batman’s identity has yet to be revealed, the incognito superhero has managed to obtain a significant fanbase as he moves through campus silent and unseen, dispersing unmeasurable counsel to fellow Bearcats via bulletin posting, social media and even personally tailored advice for those who request.

Though, Life Advice Batman declined an interview, in interest of undisclosed identity, our inconspicuous hero has left us with valued words of wisdom. Valentine’s Day may not have gone as planned for some students, but our mysterious hero encourages the confessions of love, no matter what the result.

Quoting Federico Garcia Lorca, “To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves,” Life Advice Batman said.

“When someone is feeling unrequited love, they should let it be known. The worst thing that could happen is rejection, which is by no means a fun experience, but it is far greater than never knowing,” Life Advice Batman said. “Who knows, maybe the other person feels the same.”

Relentless motivation is something our curious life coach has targeted as well, keep the flow of brain fuel in these lonely winter month’s is the kick in the butt some may need.


“Finding a hobby or some way to pass the time is an effective way to keep one’s mind off of loneliness,” Life Advice Batman said. “That’s not to say that it is something that should be ignored, but dwelling on loneliness is worse. Some good hobbies include writing, playing games or dressing up in an armored suit to fight criminals at night.”

Assistant librarian Brandy Brady is among the fan base that Life Advice Batman has acquired. The superhero and Brady have had previous encounters even before arriving on the Northwest campus.

“I first heard about Life Advice Batman when one of my former students brought a flyer to my office,” Brady said. “Before I came to Northwest, I worked as a librarian in the creator’s school district which is where I met him.”

Life Advice Batman’s interactions on the campus is one of meaning and positivity, something Brady admires.

“I think seeing Life Advice Batman interact with campus more would be positive for everyone,” Brady said. “Many times we are surrounded by negativity via mainstream media and social media. Anytime there is an opportunity to spread positivity and connect with people then we should do what we can even if it is as an anonymous superhero.”

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