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“Dead Meat” is a YouTube channel and podcast created by James A. Janisse and his girlfriend Chelsea Rebecca. The channel is centered around its two flagship series which are “The Kill Counts” videos released every Friday on YouTube and the “Dead Meat Podcast” released every Tuesday also on YouTube as well as a variety of podcast platforms.

The “Dead Meat” channel has 2.4 million subscribers and is celebrating its second anniversary later this week. The Dead Meat Podcast, a new addition to the channel in March of 2018, recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

The “Dead Meat Podcast” covers a variety of topics ranging from film reviews like “Ghost Ship” and “Bandersnatch” to fun games like “Marry, F*ck, Get Killed By” and “March Horror Madness.”

A majority of the podcast episodes are around the one hour mark and are a great addition to any workout playlist. However, unlike other podcasts, this podcast is also available in video format on YouTube, which elevates the level of horror because fans can see the hosts as they talk about the various topics ranging from the goriest kills in the “Saw” franchise to the down right humor of the Leprechaun in the “Leprechaun” franchise.

Rebecca is the brains behind the podcast and does all of the research for each episode as well as the editing prior to each episode being released, which sometimes ranges from three hours of research to multiple days before they film the podcast.

Rebecca wanted to create a podcast for a while and enjoyed getting to watch the movies featured on “Kill Count,” and it allowed them to explore horror movies in a way that was not generally covered in “Kill Count.”

Rebecca and Janisse graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in film. This allows for in-depth analysis of the films being covered that Rebecca and Janisse provide listeners with nice banter, and it feels as though the audience is actually in the conversation of three close friends.

This presentation in a video format makes it more of a conversation and less of a podcast that people are listening to on their phones or computers.

This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves horror. It is the perfect blend of comedic banter and scary movies. The podcast is best enjoyed with a group of friends and a cup of coffee on a cool evening where the wind is howling and the shadows are dancing on the walls.

Each week, viewers are presented with a wide variety of content that is made for just about anyone and leaves the listener with feelings of laughter, scares and commentary on horror adjacent films and games that fill out the horror genre.

The “Dead Meat Podcast” is available on YouTube, as well as podcast platforms Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud.

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