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With the end of the year comes panic, both over finals and finalizing last minute details as people prepare to move for the summer. Everything should be going smoothly, but instead we’re sitting here wondering why a stranger is in our house.

If the suggestion is made that a “friend” will be moving in for the summer, a number of questions should be asked and promptly answered: Will this “friend” be paying rent? Will they have transportation since everyone else in the house won’t be available 24/7 to act as a taxi? Are all the current roommates aware that this person is moving in? Is the person that has already made arrangements to move in next semester aware that their room is being rented out?

A lot of issues come up when you decide to drop everything and invite this “friend” to live with you — especially since it won’t just be you that they are living with.

While you are thrilled with the fact that you’ll get to play house for the summer, the rest of us are now worrying about how to reorganize the kitchen to accommodate one more person’s groceries.

Let us not forget the landlord. If you haven’t bothered to warn the people you’re living with about this new situation, I doubt you have informed the guy we pay rent to, either.

Speaking of rent, you can’t just use the excuse of, “Oh, this just means our shares of rent will go down a little,” and expect it to solve all the problems we are facing. An extra $25 a month in my pocket, while nice, does not change the fact that there is one more person to adjust my shower schedule for.

With so much going on, please be good to your current and future roommates. Communication is key to avoiding yet another unnecessary headache as the school year comes to a close.

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