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Far too often, adults, or rather adults already done with college or in their later years, flock to the word “kid” when they disagree with a younger person’s opinion.

Anytime they disagree with a “kid’s” opinion, instead of having a healthy and productive conversation, they simply say, “You kids need to do more research before establishing your opinion,” or “When will you kids learn you have it all wrong?”

This leaves the person being addressed wondering when they’re considered an adult, and when their opinion matters. It would make sense for the magical age of 18 to be the standard. That’s the legal age to vote, after all.

However, as someone who is 19 years old, pays for an apartment, has a job, studies in college and budgets monthly, I’m still considered a kid for having an opinion my elders may disagree with.

Not to mention that excludes how I probably study political issues more in-depth than many of the people who say, “You need to do your research, kid.” I read through articles from numerous sources, conservative and liberal, on a daily basis.

If doing your research equates to only reading a couple of right-leaning news sources every week or a couple of left-leaning news sources every week, then I must have a lot of reading to cut back on in order to “grow up.”

We both have valid opinions, so let’s discuss them like the adults you want us to both be. Who knows, maybe we’ll learn something new.

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