As a media student, I will always advocate for people to stay up-to-date in the news. As a busy student with better things to do than read the newspaper, I will still advocate for people to pick up the latest paper to skim over.

With the amount of events going on every day, it would only seem natural that people would try to keep up-to-date on most of it.

This goes especially for the stories that directly affect us as college students. It seems though that many of us are not even willing to pick up a newspaper.

It seems like most of my friends are asking questions about front-page stories. Do you even look at the newspaper? I mean, for Pete’s sake the answer’s in the headline. It’s even in the infographic right next to the story.

If people find themselves too busy to stay caught up, then I’m willing to help but lately everybody who’s asking are the same people over and over again. By asking, people show they’re interested in what’s happening, but apparently not interested enough to actually read the 500 to 1,000 word article.

It’s beyond frustrating to hear my roommates ask, “What happened to Sigma Phi Epsilon?” just knowing they didn’t even touch the newspaper.

Maybe if they opened the newspaper every once in a while, they would know what’s going on.

Reporters work really hard to get this information to the public. They’re doing a lot of hard work for everyone to stay informed. It’s definitely easier to read the whole newspaper than to cover all the events and gather sources.

If the story’s not interesting, then don’t read it. At least they’ll be more knowledgeable about the events going on around them, even if they didn’t read every single piece.

The next time someone comes up, asking if you’d be interested in a paper, take it and actually find a story you like. You might be surprised at what you can learn about your community.

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