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An Illinois based band plays at a local dive bar with instruments made out of broken down home appliances. The bass guitar is made out of a washtub. One man plays the washboard. Another, a eucalyptus bamboo digeridoo. The band’s name is the Woodbox Gang and the lead singer, the man who made … Read more

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“Dead Meat” is a YouTube channel and podcast created by James A. Janisse and his girlfriend Chelsea Rebecca. The channel is centered around its two flagship series which are “The Kill Counts” videos released every Friday on YouTube and the “Dead Meat Podcast” released every Tuesday also on Y… Read more


As people walk around campus, glimmers of red can be seen in many of Northwest's sidewalk cracks. There are curious glances and double takes as the distinguishable red sand catches their attention; the sand represents more than the eye can see.

Thousands of people huddled around screens as the steady rhythm of drums and horns signaled the beginning of an end. Winter has arrived with dragons in tow.

Bearcats, let’s be honest; we all have that one friend who just won’t shut up about the same problems. If I have to hear one more time about how your roommate puts the toilet paper on backwards, I don’t think we can have lunch anymore.

Frank Sinatra, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg and Elton John sat around a table chatting away while other tables hosted their own celebrities. The venue was the wedding of Hailey Holland and Justin Bieber, where a shriek was heard moments later, and Hailey Holland was found murdered.

As the members of the 97th Student Senate took their respective positions, senior Alyssa Lincoln passes the torch as president to allow the new Senate to represent and aid the Bearcats in future endeavors.

Northwest may be known as the Bearcats, but few students know about the first unofficial mascot back when Northwest was the Fifth District Normal School.