Many people listen to or at least have heard of the newest music sensation sweeping, not only America but the globe, that is Korean pop, also known as K-pop.

With the holiday season out in full force, it is time to begin shopping for gifts for our loved ones as we head into the month of December. While it may seem easy to order everything online from Amazon or Wal-Mart, going out to local shops has an even greater benefit not only in the gift bei…

With the start of the holiday season, a lot of Bearcats and other people are going to be traveling home. But, it seems like a lot of drivers have forgotten the rules of driving or thrown the book out the window and need a reminder of how driving on a highway works.

The idea of a continent being a country is not something completely unheard of, but the assumption that Africa, one of the largest continents in the world is actually a country is one that has been prevalent for many years.