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Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Missouri Lambda chapter offer their new brothers a rowdy welcome during Fraternity Bid Day on Friday, Sept. 13 outside the J.W. Jones Student Union.

Fraternity recruitment received nearly half of its turnout from last year due to lower freshmen enrollment.

Seven fraternities roared and brought in new members as “My House” by Flo Rida played in the background Sept. 13.

Members of fraternities marched to the back of the Student Union wearing shirts that represented what chapter they were a part of. They huddled around the doors with flags for their respective fraternity letters held high waiting for freshmen to arrive.

Sigma Tau Gamma Recruitment Chair Jack Rigdon reflected on his freshman year and how the recruitment process changed this year.

“Last year, for open house, we could choose what houses we wanted to go to, then this year, they made it where every guy checks out every fraternity,” Rigdon said. “The numbers last year were 140 who rushed. This year, there are 78 who rushed, so trying to recruit has been a little more intense this year, trying to get guys just because the limited number of guys this year.”

Rigdon said he was hopeful about the result Sig Tau would get after they sent their bids the night before.

“We sent out about 17 bids last night, (and) we don’t know how many guys we’re going to get,” Rigdon said. “They actually have to accept the bid before we know for sure, but I feel like we’ll get a good number of people.”

Interfraternity Council President Wyatt Suhr said he’s looking forward to progress the freshmen will bring to their fraternities.

“I’m excited and eager to see how all the chapters do; they’ve worked hard (and) coordinated a lot of good events. I think they had good guys who will fit the mold the chapters have here,” Suhr said. “You get out of it what you put into it, so take advantage of the opportunities that are there for you, push yourself, go out of your comfort zone and work hard.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon received 22 bids, Pi Kappa Alpha received 10 bids, Delta Sigma Phi received three bids, Alpha Gamma Rho received six bids, Alpha Kappa Lambda received 15 bids, and Sigma Tau Gamma received 14 bids.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Junior Nathan White said Sig Ep had more bids than others and freshmen should get involved in organizations outside of the fraternity.

“I think this year we really made a good impression on these guys, and I think that’s why we have higher numbers compared to other chapters,” White said. “Don’t think that this is the one thing you have to do, getting involved in other clubs on and off campus. Do great things in the surrounding communities and getting your grades up. That’s a big thing — we’re all here to get our degree, and that’s something we push everyone to do.”

Pi Kappa Alpha Co-Recruitment Chair Sam Wimberly, who transferred from Kansas State University where he was a member of PIKE, said he is one of the founding fathers of the chapter at Northwest.

“Obviously, this year we didn’t have much of a showout for fraternities,” Wimberley said. “With 78 guys, the fact that we got 10 is pretty well in our first year. I think we’re on the right path.”

Wimberley predicts PIKE will see additional members as they continue to exist at Northwest.

“We’re in our second year, and we’ve got almost thirty guys now,” Wimberley said. “We’re not even done with our whole first year, and that’s crazy to say. Everyone that we have are truly quality men, and they represent what PIKE stands for well.”

Delta Sigma Phi Alumni Control Board Treasurer Wyatt Gaushat said they may get more bids.

“A couple people didn’t realize they didn’t have to sign up within a certain amount of time,” Gaushat said. “We’ll probably get a couple more (bids) during the open recruitment process.”

Gaushat said open recruitment is a two-week period after Bid Day in case freshmen missed the sign-up period or need to meet certain requirements.

The recruitment process left a lasting impression on all the men who participated in events throughout the week.

Sophomore Zach Patton transferred from the University of Missouri and said he knew Sig Tau members before he transferred to Northwest.

“Over the past couple of years, I’ve known a bunch of the guys; I’ve gotten to know them through friends and family,” Patton said. “I just vibed with them right off the bat, and it just seemed right. I’m really excited to meet everyone else and form these bonds with everyone.”

Freshmen received and signed their bids around 6:30 p.m. on Bid Day.

As Assistant Director of Greek Life Megan DeShoun-Runge announced each pledge class on Bid Day, freshmen poured out of the doors and into the welcoming arms of their fraternity brothers. Men jumped for the sky and rejoiced in praise.

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